Diversified joins the Founders Program at Station F!

Station F

Diversified joins the prestigious Station F incubator and its Founders Program! Find out how we will accelerate our development to build a world where everyone can invest in ultra-rare and profitable assets!

We are delighted to announce that Diversified has been selected to join the prestigious Station F incubator in Paris in its Founders program. This is an incredible opportunity for Diversified to be part of one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world.

Since we were founded, we have worked hard to create a platform for co-investing in ultra-rare and profitable assets. Our mission is to democratize access to these asset classes usually reserved for the wealthy.

We believe that our participation in the Founders program at Station F will allow us to pursue our mission more effectively than ever. We will have access to a community of talented startups and entrepreneurs, mentors and renowned investors who will help us accelerate our growth and realize our vision.

We are proud to be part of a program that has already helped so many startups succeed. Station F's Founders program is designed to support entrepreneurs by giving them access to high-quality resources to help them overcome the challenges they face. We look forward to working with the Station F team to accelerate our growth and reach new heights.

We are also excited to join an exciting community of startups at Station F. We look forward to meeting and sharing our knowledge and expertise with other entrepreneurs in the Founders Program!

Finally, we are grateful to our investors, our team and everyone who believed in us from the beginning. Without their support, we would never have reached this stage of our development. We are committed to working hard to continue to earn your trust and support.

The Diversified Team