We are Diversified

Our story

Diversified was created by enthusiasts
for enthusiasts.

Vincent and Tug like three things: inventing new ways of perceiving the world, getting up in the morning to do something really useful and beautiful objects.

They have known each other for more than 10 years, but it was in April 2022 that our two friends decided to join forces with a strong conviction: investing in high-yield assets must become accessible to everyone.

And if it's simple and intuitive, all the better.
Vincent (CEO) brings his skills in finance, law and business strategy.
Tug is in charge of developing the Diversified application and securing it.

By intelligently using the advantages of Blockchain to "fractionalize" the ownership of assets, the two partners refuse the complexity and want the investment experience on Diversified to be as simple as a purchase on Amazon.
Passionate about watches and wine, it is logical that the platform will be launched in May 2023 on these two markets.

They answer all your questions on the project's community or live during the monthly visios.

Our mission

Make investment in rare and profitable goods accessible to all.

Boost your savings!

We design a financial investment service, accessible from an intuitive mobile application, to remove the complexity of investing in high yield alternative assets usually reserved for the elite. With some of the lowest fees in the market and an exclusive secondary market (under consideration) to make your savings liquid!

Break the codes

At Diversified, we believe that everyone has the right to benefit from the best returns for their savings, even without any knowledge by being supported by the best experts in their field and from only 100€!

Invest with passion

Invest in tangible products, stored and insured by our partners, rather than in complicated financial products in which you don't always know what your money is actually invested in.

Exclusive team

Tugdual de Kerviler

Chief Technical Officer &

Vincent Bourdel

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Quentin Jandard

Chief Marketing Officer

Marine Savidan

Head of Design

Audrey Noel


Anicet Mbesso

Luxembourg manager

They believe in us

Discover our investors.

Kelly Dassault

MJKD Co-founder

Julien Dassault

MJKD Co-founder

Adrien Montfort

Sorare Co-founder

Jonathan Bordereau

50 Partners Web3

Benoit Bourdel

Luko Co-founder

Station F

Founders Program 2.0

Our partners

They trust us and support us in our development.


Station F
Startup campus


France Fintech

La French Tech


Bank account

Strategic advisor

Next steps

Selected partners

Q4 · 2022

Your exceptional assets are already on their way

Beta version

Q1 · 2023

Buy the first DIFIEDs ever issued and benefit from exceptional surprises

Affiliate program

Q2 · 2023

Refer your friends and win DIFIED!

Privileged status

Q4 · 2023

A world of privileges for our VIPs

Pre-sales system

Q3 · 2023

Pre-sales for our VIP customers

New markets

Q1 · 2024

Two new universes to invest in


Q1 · 2024

B2B offer for investment advisors

Secondary market

Q3 · 2024

Add another string to your bow by taking the opportunity to resell your DIFIED

Crypto acceptance

Q1 · 2025

Your cryptos welcome in the ecosystem

Social trading

Q2 · 2025

Learn from the best by copying their positions


Q1 · 2026

Valuing your DIFIED is good. Collecting rent is even sexier!

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